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I am Lauren Petersen, the owner of Laurel Tree Photography. I started Laurel Tree Photography in 2009. I am married to my best friend, and we have an amazing eleven-year-old son. I am the primary shooter and specialize in portrait photography. I have a passion for cake pops and Ed Sheeran. When I am not working, I spend my time homeschooling my son, traveling and crafting.

I have been obsessed with weddings since I was seven years old. I would steal all of the Kleenex from the bathroom and make my Barbie’s custom wedding gowns. I would take my mother's camera and do wedding photo shoots using up all of her film. She would always wonder why the film was gone and every time it would be developed she would laugh.

When my sister was old enough to walk, I decided it was time to take my photography to the next level. I would wrap her in sheets and pin a pillowcase to her head. Then we would go outside and do bride shoots in the garden and fields. I guess wedding photography has been in my blood since I was born. I love my job and can't imagine doing anything I love more!